Mainstream & NaProTechnology: What’s the Difference?

Based on my own personal experience and other important information I’ve learned If you’ve hung around the world of fertility awareness long enough and have encountered someone who has experienced moderate to severe pain and/or infertility, or a range of other symptoms, you are probably familiar with this common question: “Have you tried NaProTechnology?” WhenContinue reading “Mainstream & NaProTechnology: What’s the Difference?”

Three Non-Faith Reasons Why We Never Considered Artificial Reproductive Technologies

There are many reasons why Chris and I have never considered IVF or IUI, artificial reproductive technologies (ART). Some are a direct reflection of our deeply rooted Catholic faith and our respect for human life from conception to natural death. But the truth is that we don’t need our religion to tell us that IUIContinue reading “Three Non-Faith Reasons Why We Never Considered Artificial Reproductive Technologies”

You Can’t Fake Fiat: Two Ways to Heal from Infertility

When I was in the 6th grade and recently dealing with some huge changes in my life, one very ugly week crept up on me. I suddenly began being haunted by disturbing thoughts that I couldn’t shake. I became incredibly stressed, lost my appetite, and was taken to various priests for spiritual direction as thatContinue reading “You Can’t Fake Fiat: Two Ways to Heal from Infertility”

To Be Seen: Visualizing the Invisible Pain of Hopeful Mothers

We put a pool in our backyard not too long ago. It took a couple of years for our now 4 year old adopted daughter to learn how to swim, but she can finally hop into the water with no problem. One day the ripples of the waves caught her eye and she took particularContinue reading “To Be Seen: Visualizing the Invisible Pain of Hopeful Mothers”

NFP For the 21st Century

In case you haven’t yet noticed, I recently teamed up with my friend and fellow fertility awareness advocate, Emily (over at, to create a new non profit corporation and fertility awareness database called FAbM Base (pronounced FAM-base), a place where science and real life intersect – essentially giving NFP a long overdue makeover. We’veContinue reading “NFP For the 21st Century”

Book Recommendations for Parents with Adopted Littles

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my Affiliate Disclosure for more information. He is mine in a way that he will never be hers, yet he is hers in a way that he will never beContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Parents with Adopted Littles”

What the IVF?

Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) encompass a sensitive subject area, but are (strangely) one of my favorite things to talk about. It’s a multifaceted topic with many aspects that are often left unconsidered by the average infertile couple – and especially by the average person recommending it. As someone who feels incredibly fulfilled despite living infertilityContinue reading “What the IVF?”

Taking Family Planning to the Bank, Part 2: Counterfeit NFP

Expectations When I was a kid, I wanted a kitten very badly. I would often see those four-legged cuties on TV or at a friend’s house and long for a little guy or gal of my own to love and smother with unwanted attention. My parents were not really any kind of animal people, muchContinue reading “Taking Family Planning to the Bank, Part 2: Counterfeit NFP”

Taking Family Planning to the Bank, Part 1: Perceived Control

Family and planning are two pretty innocent words on their own, but when you put them together, sparks tend to fly – and not necessarily the good kind. People tend to be pretty opinionated about this topic that affects all of our lives in one way or another at some point. Neither young adults norContinue reading “Taking Family Planning to the Bank, Part 1: Perceived Control”

Uncharted Territory

For NFP week 2020, I teamed up with two extraordinary women to deliver a 6-part series articulating fertility awareness/NFP as it compares to birth control, providentialism, and artificial reproductive technologies in light of Church teaching and our personal experiences. This gave us a unique approach, considering that we come from three very different backgrounds –Continue reading “Uncharted Territory”