Fertility Awareness/NFP Cheat Sheet

Birth Control -Synthetic hormones are introduced into the woman’s system to override the hormones her body naturally produces (which help her to feel normal) in order to suppress ovulation and thicken cervical mucus to prevent sperm transport. (see Hormones) -With the lower dosage of hormones in the more modern versions of BC, breakthrough ovulation happens … More Fertility Awareness/NFP Cheat Sheet

Super Powers: Part 2

Some of my super powers are obviously making coffee, choosing the right gifs for texting emphasis, and watching TV. Ok I’m kidding. My actual favorite super power is rapping. I hope you understand how silly it feels to write that sentence, but really [Insert serious face]: this time I’m serious. The fact that this is … More Super Powers: Part 2

Super Powers: Part 1

After my husband puts Bella down for the night and when he isn’t falling asleep (because that’s what usually happens when he finally sits down), we watch our TV shows together. Some of our favorites are The Voice, Shark Tank, World of Dance, America’s Got Talent, etc. We like non-reality shows too, but these are … More Super Powers: Part 1

Gummy Bears

We were able to adopt our daughter the day she was born. Practically since that day (don’t get mad at me; I’m exaggerating), she has loved fruit snacks. She is almost three now and I try to limit her sweets, so they are an extra special treat when she gets a bag. Today was one … More Gummy Bears

What My Uterus Tells Me, Part 2; Part 2

…CONTINUED Endometriosis’ older, uglier sister, adenomyosis, is found within the muscle itself, vs. on the surface, so treating it means removing the muscle, or portions of it. Within the last several months, multiple ultra sounds, an MRI, and a diagnostic surgery have detected 3 large masses of that ugly sister within the baby building bubble … More What My Uterus Tells Me, Part 2; Part 2