With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Catholic Professionalism

Many months ago, a woman wrote into an extremely popular and credible Catholic question and answer podcast frustrated about her feelings of guilt and confusion when daily conversing with her husband and praying about avoiding another pregnancy. She was struggling specifically because she was having difficulty identifying her days of fertility and infertility with her … More With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Catholic Professionalism

Black & White

Three times endometriosis and adenomyosis sent me to the emergency room. The first time was the worst, within about 5 months prior to my last surgery in early 2018. It was a Saturday morning I’ll never forget. I woke up and walked to the bathroom, but couldn’t leave on my own accord. Chris helped me … More Black & White

Super Powers: Part 2

Some of my super powers are obviously making coffee, choosing the right gifs for texting emphasis, and watching TV. Ok I’m kidding. My actual favorite super power is rapping. I hope you understand how silly it feels to write that sentence, but really [Insert serious face]: this time I’m serious. The fact that this is … More Super Powers: Part 2